2D Animation Technical Video Explainer

Storyboard, 2D Animation, Vector Graphics

Style Frames

Project Description

I was hired by Uponadream to support developing this explainer video together with illustrator Susanna Rumiz.

The aim of the video was promoting a new fertilizer from Isagro named Siapton; the topic is very technical but we tried to comunicated it in a friendly and easy to understand way thanks to friendly and colorful animated vector graphics.

We all worked together on the storyboar phase and then I focused on my main task: animating the very catchy vector graphics produced by Susanna. The script turned up to be fairly long for an explainer animation, and all scenes are very rich and various: interiors and exterior locations, several characters, vechicles and types of vegetation, different scales of rappresentation. All in all this was a challenging task but a very entertaining one too.

For more 2d vector video explainer animations please have a look at these projects from my portfolio: Assografici and Yougenio. For even more 2d infographic animations feel free to visit my Vimeo page where I added quite a few from the past years.

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