2D Video Explainer Animations

2D Animation, Vector Graphics

Style Frames

Project Description

I worked together with Doga Films to create a serie of 5 short explainer videos focused on showing the many uses and afvantages of paper bags.

Throug 5 different chapters we tried to explain the many reasons why chosing paper bags over plastic ones is better in every way.

Doga Films provided textual storyboards from which I developed the the general style, 2d vector drawings and of course the animations.

The very minimalistic graphical style was chosen to speed up the process but also to emphasize the key elements by making them stand out more easily thanks to the focused use of colors and paper textures.

2D vector animations are my daily bread after 10 years in the job, and you can find more of these both in my portfolio and in Vimeo page: Yougenio and Siapton. For even more 2d infographic animations feel free to visit my Vimeo page where I added quite a few from the last years.

Other works