Maddalena Smart Metering

Mixed 2d and 3d infographics video explainer

2D design, 2D Animation, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation

Style Frames

Project Description

Creative agency Giotto Enterprise contacted me to support producing these animated video explainers describing Maddalena's state of the art water metering tools.

The goal was conveing technical informations related to the water metering industry in a pleasant and understandable way; recreating a small "Maddalena world" allowed to depict several daily consumer and supplier situations in a friendly and relatable style.

These explainer videos use two different graphic approaches: isometric city views with 3D tracked infographics and 2d vector animations that allow to focus on more detailed and indoor scenes.

The lowpoly city was entirely modelled and textured in Cinema4D and rendered with its built-in Standard Renderer (Cell Shading); 2d vector graphics were created in Adobe Illustrator and animated in After Effects.

Concept, Storyboard and color palette were developed by the agency. I was tasked with the motion graphics side of the project, therefore I designed and animated both 2d and 3d scenes.

I really loved to work on this project as creating lowpoly cities like this is something I enjoy both as a personal hobby and for commercial purpouses as you can see on these other projects from my portfolio: Utensileria Online and Isometric Cities.

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