Kids' Toys

Realistic 3d Morphing Animation

Concept, 3D Animation, 3D Modelling

This short animation video is a personal project I worked on as a test about Cinema4d Redshift plastic materials.

Once modelled the stereo I thought I would be interesting to try and make it morph into some other child musical toy, which eventually I decided would be a plastic turntable.

Similarly to the Washing Machine animation, the concept here is to animate something realistic in a unexpected way, i.e. morphing some plastic toys into each other.

The animation is based on various techniques, caascacsacac

Modelling, animating and rendering were in Cinema4d, rendered with Redshift.

Realistic rendering is always a challenge, if you want to see more 3d animations with PBR materials please visit Replay Aston Martin Title Animation and Washing Machine.

Client: Own Work

Year: 2019

Style Frames

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