Kids' Toys

Realistic 3d Morphing Animation

Concept, 3D Animation, 3D modeling

This short animation video is a personal project I worked on as a test about Cinema4d Redshift plastic materials.

Once modelled the stereo I thought I would be interesting to try and make it morph into some other child musical toy, which eventually I decided would be a plastic turntable.

Similarly to the Washing Machine animation, the concept here is to animate something realistic in a unexpected way, i.e. morphing some plastic toys into each other.

modeling, animating and rendering were in Cinema4d, rendered with Redshift.

Realistic rendering is always a challenge, if you want to see more 3d animations with PBR materials please visit Replay Aston Martin Title Animation and Washing Machine.

Client: Own Work

Year: 2019

Style Frames

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