2D vector Infographic Video Explainer

Storyboard, 2D Animation, Vector Graphics

Style Frames

Project Description

When Doga Films contacted me to produce this 2d video explainer I was told the vector design should relate to Yougenio's brand identity.

The goal was producing an pleasant video animation that would explain the core business of Yougenio, an online home maintenance services provider. That meant recreating several scenes ranging from house interiors to holiday locations. This explainer animation also involved a high number of animated characters.

We started from the company online comunication design and further developed a style and storyboard that would fit with their social engaging strategy. The bold outline vector graphics were a must as per request from the client, while for the color palette I decided to ask support from Susanna Rumiz.

Besides supporting on the storyboarding phase, my main task for the project was design 2d scenes in Adobe Illustrator and eventually animate them with After Effects.

Being on a tight deadline the project turned out to be a bit challenging yet eventually very satisfying; for more 2d vector video explainer animations please have a look at these projects from my portfolio: Maddalena Smart Metering and Siapton. For even more 2d infographic animations feel free to visit my Vimeo page where you can find a few more I worked on in the past years.

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