Coop Commercial Animations

Brand Commercial 3d Product Animation

3D Modeling, 3D Animation, 3D Render

Fantastificio agency contacted me to support in the production of 10 videos that would advertise the new COOP branded products.

I was provided with a text script and 3d models of the packages and their textures. My task was to create scenes, lights and any additional 3d models and graphics we needed, besides animating everything according to the textual storyboard.

The whole project was developed on a very tight deadline, therefore it turned out to be a very demanding yet fun task to tackle. It was definitely was a chance to improve my skills under pressure.

3D modeling, animating, texturing and rendering were in Cinema4d, rendered with Redshift.

Realistic rendering is becoming a core part of my business, if you want to see more 3d animations with PBR materials please visit Replay Aston Martin Title Animation, Toys morphing and Koemia.

Client: Coop Italia

Agency: Fantastificio

Year: 2022

Style Frames

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