Glitch Dancers

3D Character Dance Animations

Concept, 3D Animation, 3d Modeling, Character Rigging

Client: Own Works

Year: 2019

Style Frames

Project Description

This is a selection of personal tests I focused on to experiment with animated texture mattes applied onto 3D dancing characters, which is a experimental motion graphics style I have always been very fashinated from.

What I wanted to achieve was some kind of body deconstruction that would still allow to perceive the human silhouette even when it's not completely there. "Glitch Dance" was the first test, while Amasa is the last and more complex one; I consider "Matte Dancer" the one which got closer to the initial concept I had in mind.

To achieve the "glitchy" look I applied complex animated materials each based on several 2d animated alpha masks that were created in After Effects and then used to both mask different materials and 3D deformers in Cinema4d.

All the animated alpha masks were exported from After Effects and applied onto Mixamo-rigged 3D characters in CInema4d.

All characters were modelled with Adobe Fuse and rigged in Mixamo; they were then imported in Cinema4D where I applied the glitchy materials controlled by the animated textures which I exported from After Effects. All projects were rendered with the Redshift and post processed in After Effects for further detailing.

The audio tracks used in these short animation clips are:
MOD-COMM 81, Dog & Fox - System
Frits Wentink - Amasa (Original Mix)
Incorporeal Visions Deluxe - 木's
Computer Data - Healing (pitched down)

For more music based and dance animations please visit my Vimeo portfolio, in particular Little Car and Transmission.

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