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Trieste based Studio APZ Media hired me to support in a very interesting and challenging project: the development of an online platform that would allow remote and interactive exploration of Elettra-Sincrotrone research area, an international research center based in the outskirts of Trieste.

My task was creating web-friendly lowpoly models of the area buildings and their interiors - including stripped down versions of high-tech research machinery - so that they could then be loaded in the interactive 3D simulator and act as a live navigation menu to access more content related to the premises.

The modeling process started from 2d site plans, on-site pictures and machinery 3d scans; the most challenging part was finding a way to optimize modeling of the intricate machinery present in the research area, obtaining a versatile and accessible low-weight style that wouldn't hinder the need to deliver key technical concepts.

Starting from 2d blueprints I developed several reference maps that I used to model both exterior and interior environments in CInema4D. All models were then aggreagated in a single scene and sent in .fbx format to the web developers that then implemented their magic to create the online interactive platform that can be visited at this link.

Further information and in depth description of the whole pipeline can be found on APZ portfolio at this link.

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