Space City

Detailed Space City Animation

Concept, 3D Animation, 3d Modeling

Client: Own Work

Year: 2019

Style Frames

Project Description

This animation started as a technical test and developed into a short space city flyover drone-like video.

The main goal was to explore the potential of displacement maps with Redshifdt renderer in Cinema4D. The level of detail achievable seemed so promising that I decided to keep adding elements to the base level of the city, and it soon became so funny and catchy that I couldn't help but spend countless hours fine tuning and tweaking little things that are barely noticeable.

The choice to use a single material for most of the elements is inspired by the idea that on a remote planet there might be very limited resources. The overall industrial vibe was just a consequence of the dystopian mood that a very geometrical layout already conveyed.

With the addition of countless little elements and animations I tried to break the otherwise repetitive estrusion pattern of the base layout; the random variations of texture patterns also helped with that.

The whole scene is modelled, textured and animated in Cinema4D, rendered with Redshift.

modeling and animating fictional city scenes is really one of my biggest passions, you can see another futuristic city scene I modelled and animated at this link: Night City View. Even more 3D cities I created at these links: Utensileria Online, Isometric Cities.

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