Realistic Animated 3D Product Render

3D texturing, Lighting, 3D Animation, Rendering

Client: Seiseta

Agency: EdenExit

Year: 2022

Style Frames

Project Description

I was hired by EdenExit agency to create a 3d animated teaser video for the new line of haircare devices named 'Koemia' by Seiseta.

Clients provided basic CAD 3d models and a list of shots they wanted me to create.

Once cleaned up all model geometries I started setting up scene lights and developing realistic materials based on the phisical samples I was sent by the client.

After style frames of each shot were approved, I sent to the client an animated version exported straight from the viewport, in order to enstablish the overall video flow and eventually I could start working on animated lights in detail.

All scenes were exported in EXR (with several embedded AOV passes) and sent to the very talented compositor and animator Adriano Vessichelli, who gave them the finishing touch before I could edit all the sequences in the final video.

To clean up the Models, to produce materials, set scene lights and animations I worked in Cinema4D, everything was rendered using Redshift. Compositing and editing were made in After Effects.

For the liquid simulation I used Realflow, airflow simulation was created with XParticles while TurbulenceFD was the tool I chose for vapor simulation.

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Other works