GBco Dance Town

Paper Town Music Animation

Concept, 3D Animation, Lowpoly Modeling

Client: Own Work

Year: 2018

Style Frames

Project Description

This is a personal project I really loved working on, because it unites two of my greatest passions: fictional 3D cities and musical animations.

It all started around 2016 when I created this paper town just for fun but never really made anything out of it untill late 2017 when I thought of this short animated musical video.

The concept idea was the Goodbread company van would drive through the dull town bringing music and party mood, giving literally color to everything around it.

It has been a great chance to learn a lot of texturing tricks and 3D character rigging (mostly Mixamo rigs in this video clip).

The whole scene is modelled, textured and animated in Cinema4D, rendered with the built-in Physical renderer.

As mentioned above creating 3d fictional city scenes is really one of my biggest passions, you can see more examples at the following links: Isometric Cities, Utensileria Online and Maddalena Smart Metering.

Audio track is DR777 by Mo Vibez X Creepa.

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