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Various Motions Graphics Videos

Concept, 3D Animation, 3d Modeling


Sci-fi Motion Graphics Animation

This short animation clip was a personal test I worked on in order to explore some techincs related to Cinema4d Xparticles plugin.

The setup is pretty basic: I started with a 3d lowpoly head mesh and made it a container / collider for 3d particles emitted from the bottom of the neck; each particle's trail is turned into a mesh, which accumulate to the point where the whole head is full of entangled wires.

The second part of the video is then just a sequence of animated voronoy fractured mashes with different materials applied.

Modelled, animated in Cinema4d + Xparticles and rendered with Redshift.

Shoes Morph

3D Morphing Animation

This personal motion graphics animation was inspired by a tutorial I found related to Cinema4d Mograph plain effector.

In this particular instance I used two shoe meshes I found online and I applied a serie of deformers in order to recreate the illusion of each show morphing into each other while spinning.

Shoes models found around the web, animated in Cinema4d and rendered with Redshift.


Sci-Fi 3D Animation

While experimenting with soft selections in Cinema4d I came up with this eerie and organic cell-like object, from which the sci-fi scene setup came up pretty natural.

The most interestsing and time consuming part was simulating the blood spill with Realfow plugin for Cinema4d, and have it interact with both the cell skin and the mechanical probe. To add more realism I also used wet maps that created a blood stain trail on the skin.

The breathing animation of the organic 3d model was achieved throug simple deformers, the mechanical arm is rigged in a fairly classic IK setup.

The scene is modeled and animated in Cinema4d and rendered with Redshift. Blood simulated with Realflow.

Robo Arms

X-Particles dynamics test

Personal 3D animation test developed in Cinema4d in order to experiment with X-Particles plugin.

The scene is pretty simple: dynamics simulation is applied to a large number of particles which are then whiped away by 3d rigged colliders (the robotic arms). The top layer is disrupted and once removed gives space to the underlying colored balls.

Modeled and animated in Cinema4d, rendered with Redshift.

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