Isometric Cities

Low Poly Isometric 3d Towns Animations

Concept, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation

Client: Own Work

Year: 2020

Style Frames

Project Description

These short animations are part of a bunch of personal projects I worked on as a way to experiment on different styles of 3D isometric cities.

The main goal was to explore a few possible techniques related to lowpoly isometric city scenes, such as different levels of realism, detailing, shading styles, animations.

The first one is a rural town scene, extremely lowpoly and very cartoonish; the general idea was to recreate a tipical countryside atmosphere through the use of a relaxed mood and open air sounds.

With the second one I tried to convey a night city vibe, with many hidden details, atmospheric lights, all things that I really like to stare at whenever I find some nice panoramic spot after dusk. Compared to the rural scene this one took more work as there are many more geometrical details and a lot of volume lights hand placed inside the windows.

Both scenes are modelled, textured and animated in Cinema4D, rendered with Redshift.

modeling and animating city scenes is really one of my biggest passions, and I was lucky enough to be hired to work on Utensileria Online and Maddalena Smart Metering.

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