Utensileria Online

Lowpoly 3d animation video commercial

3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Character Rigging

Style Frames

Project Description

Video production Studio Uponadream hired me to help creating this Black Friday short commercial animation for Utensileria Online, a web shop selling work tools of all kinds.

The goal was creating a short animation video displaying the contrast between the traditional black friday buying approach vs the online relaxed experience offered by the client.

To display the aforementioned dualism the first part of the commercial video is set in a caothic city scenario, where traffic jams and wild crowds are contributing to an unpleasant atmosphere; the second half of the commercial animation is instead set in a well lit scenario where the logo hero character delivers items and brings joy straight to the clients' working locations.

My task was to model and animate low poly scenes, characters and vehicles; I also contributed to the creation of the city layout and texturing. While the main "hero" character was hand animated most of the crowd and working characters were rigged and animated with Mixamo, whit only minor adjustments applied when needed. All of the scenes and elements were modeled and animated in Cinema4d, rendered with Redshift.

Concept, Storyboard and color palette were developed by the agency. I was tasked with the motion graphics side of the project, which means I modeled and animated most of the 3d scenes.

I really loved to work on this project as creating lowpoly cities like this is something I enjoy both as a personal hobby and for commercial purpouses as you can see on these other projects from my portfolio: Maddalena Smart Metering and Isometric Cities.

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