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Project Description

London based studio Hirsch & Mann hired me to model and animate a 3d scenery for an interactive live event held by Octopus Energy at Outernet London for the Energy Tech Summit 2023.

The goal was creating an immersive experience to demonstrate how the combination of smart technology and a flexible energy system can support environmental sustainability, unlocking the potential for people to save money through their energy choices.

The animated story takes visitors through a day-to-night cycle, focusing on a household’s energy consumption across 4 different seasons and locations, in a mix of screen animations and live props. Participants could trigger alternative energy scenarios by stepping inside stickers on the floor.

After modeling all the scenes and animating both 3d content and 2d graphical overlays I sent all the materials to Outernet London, whose developers setup the interactive environment using Ventuz.

Total screen size was 21.85 m wide and 3.85 m high, for a total resolution of 7280 x 1280 pixels.

You can find more of my animated 3D lowpoly sceneries at the following portfolio links: Utensileria Online and Lowpoly Cities.

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