Dystopian 3D Animation

Concept, 3D Animation, 3d Modeling

Client: Own Work

Year: 2019

Style Frames

Project Description

This personal project started as a test about procedural modeling in Cinema4d, which eventually became a highly detailed model of a eerie dystopian abandoned building.

What I wanted to learn was how to obtain a highly diverse and mostly non repetitive building facade made up by basic modules. The iniitial idea of achieving all this by just Python coding in Cinema4d actually evolved into a high manual labour project, which I really enjoyed nonetheless.

Besides creating a high number of basic geometry modules, randomly cloned along the single columns, I also put a lot of effort in randomizing the main material, which is itself composed by many sub patterns on several scales. This way the overall look is essentially free from pattern repetitions.

This has been a very usefull way to improve my Redshift texturing skill, as I tryed to avoid obvious pattern repetitions across the main facade, yet I needed to keep a decent level of detail in the close-up scenes.

Character was created in Adobe Fusion and rigged in Mixamo; animation was fine tuned in CInema4d after importing several animations from Mixamo.

The scene is modelled, textured and animated in Cinema4D, rendered with the Redshift.

As mentioned above I really loved working on this personal 3d animation video, especially on the over detailing of the facade, just like in Space City and Isometric Night City View.

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