AI driven character animation

2D tracking, Rotoscoping, Stable Diffusion

Client: Diadora

Agency: Cromo Studio

Year: 2024

Style Frames

Project Description

I was hired by Cromo Studio to create a video animation for the event launch of the sponsorship deal between Larissa Iachipino and Diadora.

The intent was to show a real scale on site wall projected jump video of the champion, without spoiling her name before the official launch, hence the idea to show the character in an animated video.

Cromo Studio provided me a 600fps 5K take of the reference jump, from which I rotoscoped and tracked the character movement across the scene.

Once I had a 1024x1024 pixels motion tracked composition I fed it into several Stable Diffusion ControlNet preprocessors and composited back the results in After Effects.

The sand animation was made in Cinema4D using XParticles.

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Other works