Maddalena Watermeters 100 years

Corporate Video

3D & 2D Animation, Compositing, 3D Tracking, Rotoscoping

Style Frames

Project Description

Trieste based comunication agency Giotto Enterprise hired me to support developing this Corporate video celebrating 100 years of life for Maddalena Water Meters, Udine based company which is world industry leader in water metering technology.

In this project APZ Media studio were also involved for the storyboarding and video footage part; I was in charge of 2D and 3D animations, 3d tracking, compositing, rotoscoping and screen replacement.. 2D vector graphics were created "in house" by Giotto Enterprise and sent me to be animated.

The interesting part about this project was the variety of scenes and styles I was required to work with: from 3d tracking of different camera takes, 2d and 3d animations, compositing numeric data lines, screen replacements.

3D tracking, wireframes and data lines animations were made in Cinema4D; 2d vector graphics were created in Adobe Illustrator and animated in After Effects, which was also the software of choice for rotoscoping and screen replacement parts.

If you are interested in more projects in which I used tracking on video footage please visit these links from my Vimeo page: Bubbles and Pathflow Infographic Video .

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